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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

i-pad i-phone i-touch - good on ya Apple Mac...

Yes there are lots of ways to the one and we are always moving forward and I for one LOVE where Apple Mac is going and how they are doing it.

Yes, there probably could be less products, however, just recently when calling Apple Mac about somthing I was chatting to the lady and said I just wish there was an i-phone where you can turn off the telephone ellement because I DONT want to be fried whilst listening to music or playing on an app or doing any number of great things you can do on the i-phone but at the same time it would be good to make calls and do all the things I do on a phone when I want too.

Well as long and you can turn off the 3G ellement to the i-pad then I think it is the answer to my wish..

I love our i-touch for lots of reasons but the biggest is the interface is SO user friendly that I was able to switch my 82 year old parents onto playing the fantastic digbat app with in minutes and thats a winner in my book.

Oh and moving onto books... being dislexic I find reading and writing hard and using the same technology as my i-touch i will be able to listen to my books and speak / record into the i-pad which is also GREAT..

I am sure Touch screen is the way it will all go an we will be able to roll our screens up like a newspaper and carry them around to attach them to our mini touch screen interfaces... and Apple are way ahead of the game cause they have already started getting their customers used to it and im sure they will develop it from there at a rate of knots.. Exciting times

Will I being buying one straight away? UM no... I will watch and wait until bugs are ironed out the processing and graphics power is upd... but I am looking forward to opening that box, that lovily Apple Mac box haha!