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Lover of life n capturing the essence through my heart, eyes n camera lens. Happy when by a stage mixing visuals live n the connection is between music, visuals n audience in the now! Lover of exploring the uncomfortable in a bid to sit peacfully. Lover of photography n video art, we are never as good as we wanna be so when i got that the journey became the important factor - in every moment i choose to grow, develop, learn N ENJOY THE CREATIVE PROCESS OF LIVING ON THIS ERE MAGICAL PLANET.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

boys get leg waxed for cash!!

I’m now in my last semester at the University of Worcester and one of our modules is based around our final show. We have to produce it from concept though fundraising, marketing and pr to implementation and running the show. No mean feat whilst trying to get your final master piece made but everyone stopped just for a few hours to screech, laugh and empathize with fellow students who got waxed for cash.

Sponsored Leg Waxing! from martindukeuk on Vimeo.