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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Petrol price comparison with UK, Australia and USA

I sit in astonishment and just wonder how the Uk government can get away with charging 70-80% tax on petrol and diesel and rising the cost of it, saying that there is less fuel and its more expensive.

Check this site out it's got breakdowns of the cost of fuel http://www.petrolprices.com/price-of-petrol.html

When I lived in Australia I would always compare the standard of living with the Uk I guess we all do it. So last night I looked on line to see how much fuel prices are in Australia and in the USA.

Australia it’s around 70p a litre and in the USA it’s around 50p a litre. Now don’t get me wrong their prices have gone up however the difference is their governments don’t take a hefty whack from their citizens.

I keep wondering when the British public will get sick and tired of being sapped dry and de-pressed by the corporations / banks and government, with their overpriced products, taxes, bills, charges / interests and anything else they can get money out of us for..

I wonder what will happen when the British publics do go past boiling point on mass. Will we just all stop using and there for put everyone out of business.. As the buyers we have the power to make change. We could set up demonstrations of our anguish and have rallies but the government has got that one tied up with legislation passed to police and disperse groups of um is it over 6 people gathered together. But what they can’t stop the people doing is stop using, stop buying, stop spending. They need your money for their over exaggerated greedy wheel to carry on turning but if we all stopped paying then maybe there would be room for change.

Why is it that Australians only pay 70p a litre? There are no oil fields there they too have to ship in the fuel. The UK fits into the size of Victoria State just one fifth of Australia and their fuel has to be dispersed all over the country so I really cant see how it would cost them any less to get it to the pump..

Can someone please tell me why this is!!!